2021 Festival Selection.

Presenting the 2021 Festival Selection! Congratulations to the filmmakers and good luck!

Documentary Feature

Aunty Sudha Aunty Radha (India)
A film by Tanuja Chandra

The 8th (Ireland)
A film by Aideen Kane, Lucy Kennedy, & Maeve O’Boyle

Catherine’s Kindergarten (Australia, Nepal, United States)
A film by Kaye Cleave

The Dilemma of Desire (United States)
A film by Maria Finitzo

Nevertheless (United States)
A film by Sarah Moshman & Peter Saroufim

How She Moves (Pakistan)
A film by Anya Raza & Aisha Linnea Akhtar

Sisters Rising (United States)
A film by Willow O’Feral & Brad Heck

Your Mother’s Comfort (Brazil)
A film by Adam Golub

Little Victories (Israel)
A film by Hedva Goldschmidt

I Bleed (Canada, Lebanon, UAE, US)
A film by Leah Manasseh

Documentary Short

Basta (United States)
A film by Cecilia Albertini and Lesley Elizondo

Diwata (Philippines)
A film by Remi Bumstead

Messania’s Story (Kenya)
A film by Laki Karavias

Mother Load (Canada)
A film by Zoya Lynch

Playing at the Boundary (Pakistan)
A film by Nida Kirmani

You Will Get Another One (Kenya)
A film by Lydia Matata

The Woman as a Witch (Brazil)
A film by Leticia do Valle

Ritu Goes Online (India)
A film by Vrinda Samartha

Hollie’s Dress (Canada)
A film by Annie Sakkab

La Tienda (The Shop) – Letra Chueca Press (United States)
A film by Karina Lomelin Ripper

Lupita (Mexico)
A film by Monica Wise Robles

The Lakota Daughters (United States)
A film by Victoria Kupchinesky

I Am More Than My Hair (United States)
A film by Alyscia Cunningham

Hamda (United Arab Emirates)
A film by Ilona Szekeres

When Sex Games Go Wrong (United Kingdom)
A film by Caitlin Kelly & Katie Dennison


Backwards God (United States)
A film by Natalie Cook

Liberate (United States)
A film by Kaia Lavender

Postcards from the Orient (Turkey)
A film by Sis Gurdal

Flourish (Singapore)
A film by Alia Alkaff

This is Not a Love Letter (United States)
A film by Ariel Zucker

Youth Filmmaking

Yellow Cards for Equal Pay (United States)
A film by Maia Vota

Reframing (Portugal)
A film by iolanda Oliveira

Mavka (Ukraine)
A film by Alona Shylova

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