2023 Festival Selection.

Presenting the 2023 Film Festival Selected films. Congratulations to the filmmakers and good luck!

Documentary Feature

9 Days In Raqqa (Syrian Arab Republic)
A film by Xavier de Lauzanne (France)

A Journey with a Hope (Kenya)
A film by Amélie Truffert Drawbridge (United Kingdom)

Among Us Women (Ethiopia)
A film by Sarah Noa Bozenhardt & Daniel Abate Tilahun

Becoming a Black Woman (Switzerland)

A film by Rachel M’Bon

Clarissa’s Battle (United States)
A film by Tamara Perkins

Fiancées (Egypt)
A film by Julia Bünter (Switzerland)

Garderie Nocturne – Night Nursery (Burkina Faso)
A film by Moumouni Sanou

Guarantee of Life (Dominican Republic)
A film by Agareso Ong (Spain)

Hêza (Strength) (Syria, Iraq)
A film by Deria Deniz (Kurdistan, Belgium)

Hunting in Packs (United States, Canada, United Kingdom)
A film by Chloe Sosa-Sims (Canada)

Mari (Argentina)
A film by Mariana Turkieh

My Body, Their Choice (Argentina)
A film by Lucy D’Cruz (United Kingdom)

Nasim (Greece)
A film by Ole Jacobs & Arne Büttner (Germany)

Now That We are Together (Mexico)
A film by Patricia Balderas Castro

Radiograph of a Family (Islamic Republic of Iran)
A film by Firoozeh Khosrovani

Surviving the Silence: The Untold Story Of Two Women In Love Who Helped Change Military Policy (United States)
A film by Cindy Abel

The Neighborhood Storyteller (Jordan)
A film by Alejandra Alcala (Mexico)

The Smallest Steps (Canada)
A film by Nicole Bedford

The Woman from Myanmar (Myanmar)
A film by Xiuyue Wang (China)

With This Breath I Fly (Afghanistan)
A film by Samuel French (United States) & Clementine Malpas (United Kingdom)

We’re Not Going Back (United States)
A film by Pamela Torrance

Documentary Short

A Very Happy Woman (Georgia)
A film by Tamar Giligashvili

After Fred (United States)
A film by Rachel Meyrick (United Kingdom)

But You’d Be A Great Mom (United States)
A film by Byron Brubaker

Dert Boom (Morocco)
A film by Rajae Hammadi & Zakaria Rochdi

Harvesting Our Tea (Turkey)
A film by Sheida Kiran (United Kingdom)

Hermanos, Here We Are (Brazil)
A film by Jade Rainho

Irani Bag (Iran)
A film by Maryam Tafakory (United Kingdom)

Just Love Stories: Queens Rule Together (United States)
A film by Tezarah Wilkins

Powers (United States)
A film by Paige Morrow Kimball

The Cost of Abortion Bans (United States)
A film by Kistein Monkhouse

The Good Harvest
A film by Melanie Cedeño-Lopez

Youth Documentary

The Trưng Sisters and What It Means To Be a Woman (United States)
A film by Mairella Reynoso

Fire in Our Hearts (India)
A film by Jayshree Janu Kharpade

My Sisters In The Stars: The Story of Lee Yong-soo (Korea)
A film by Ian Kim

No Such Right: The End of Roe in Appalachia (United States)
A film by Tate Greene, Rebekah McAuley, Sarah Sexton, and Deladis Haywood

Normal Family (United States)
A film by Maya Velazquez

Sin Miedo (Fearless) (Austria)
A film by Cristina Rodriquez Cerro & Roccio Fernandez Nicolas (Spain)

Walk on My Own (Senegal)
A film by Ndèye Fatou Fall

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