In the Name of Tradition

Between tradition and modernity, a woman's body is marketed, honored, or mutilated, and her destiny is irrevocably linked to blood. 

A film by May El Hossamy (Egypt | 2013 | 15 mins).



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About May El Hossamy

May El Hossamy is an Egyptian artist, photographer and documentary filmmaker. She was born in Cairo in 1980 and currently lives and works in Cairo. May received her BFA in engraving from the school of Fine Arts in Cairo 2003 and her master's degree in Art in the subject of Symbolism in ancient Egypt, at Aix-Marseille University in 2005. Since 2006, May has participated in many group exhibitions in Cairo. Her first photography solo exhibition was in Spain in 2007. In 2008 she made her first short documentary film called “Agaby". In 2010, she had two solo exhibitions, mono prints and a multi-medium project at the Souk El Gomaa project, which included photography, documentary film and an installation. In 2010 she also had an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in Cairo called “What Do We Wear”. Since 2010, May has created three more documentary films, “Suspended Freedom” (2010), “ The Square People” (2011), “Censored Love” (2012) and “ In the Name of Tradition” (2013). "Censored Love" was an Official Selection in the Cinema Reel Film Festival in Paris and was screened in libraries across France. "Suspended Freedom" was an Official Selection in the Ismailia Film Festival in 2012. May’s main concerns as a filmmaker are women in the Middle East, public awareness, religious conflicts and human rights.

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