A Girl of No Importance

Anya Camilleri | UK | 2017 | 15 mins


There are about 40,000 girls kidnapped and trafficked from Eastern Europe each year. Most of them are young girls, not even 18 years of age, who have been forced into prostitution. They want to get out, they just don’t know how to escape the violent criminals that keep them under strict control. These girls are bought and sold like cattle. A Girl of No Importance is a drama about a Ukrainian girl, Alina, 16 years old, who manages to escape, and what happens to her as she finds herself in the centre of Rome, a beautiful city where she can trust no one.

About the Filmmaker

Anya Camilleri is a director and writer. She has co-created and directed transatlantic romance Ny-lon and award-winning Liverpool 1, as well as many hours of primetime drama. Her short films Perfect, Jealousy, and A Girl Of No Importance have garnered festival wins internationally. She is currently co-creating an original drama series for Endemol Shine with Maddalena Ravagli – Courtesans, as well as co-creating a series for RAI TV, Motherhood (working title), with star Gabriella Pession.

More from the Filmmaker

Anya Camilleri made this short film in response to seeing young teenage girls selling themselves on the streets of Rome at night. She met the girls, heard their stories and discovered that they had been stolen from their homes in Eastern Europe by sex traffickers and forced into prostitution. She felt it was important that their stories would be told.

A Girl Of No Importance was made in partnership with the charity, Stella’s Voice, to raise awareness of human trafficking and sex slavery. Stella’s Voice provides care, education, and jobs to young girls who have experienced trafficking. To find out how you can help, check out their website: https://stellasvoice.org.uk

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