The Last Hug

Tasneem Amro | USA | 2023 | 15:19 mins



The Last Hug Synopsis

More than 160 Afghan girls departed from their homes in Afghanistan and sought refuge in the United States following the withdrawal of US forces and the return of Taliban control in August 2021. Recognizing the dire situation, Arizona State University graciously extended an offer to host 61 of these girls, all of whom possess a strong determination to pursue their education despite the restrictions imposed by the Taliban regime, which their families and peers continue to endure. Yalda and Latifa, two inspiring Afghan ladies, embark on a challenging journey to transform their aspirations into reality. This film chronicles the remarkable hurdles they faced and conquered in their unwavering pursuit of their dreams.


About the Filmmakers

Tasneem Amro is a correspondent and media consultant with a versatile background as a TV reporter, filmmaker, MOJO (Mobile Journalism), and digital media trainer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in media and TV production, as well as a master’s in European Studies. Amro has reported on events impacting the West Bank, including the 2006 Palestinian presidential and legislative elections. With extensive experience in filmmaking both locally and internationally, she has collaborated with trainers from reputable organizations such as the BBC, DW Akademie, Al Jazeera Training Centre, RFI, France 24, and others. In 2021, she was awarded the prestigious Hubert Humphrey Fellowship in the USA. Additionally, Amro has received several traineeships from RFI, Al Jazeera Training Center, and UNESCO. She has shared her expertise by lecturing at conferences and classes internationally, covering topics such as WAR Journalism, MOJO, and Digital Journalism.


More From the Filmmakers / Call to Action

1-Take prompt and sustained action to implement effective solutions for preventing the abandonment of girls attending schools in Afghanistan.

2- The Right to Education is a fundamental right that should not be exploited as a tool in conflicts, whether as an act of war or suppression.

3- Continue advocating for the right to education.

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