One Day a Movie Comes to Town

Nejla Imanci & Kibar Daglayan Yigit | Turkiye | 2023 | 2:57 mins



One Day a Movie Comes to Town Synopsis

Women from diverse backgrounds and experiences join a film workshop, where they transition from being moviegoers to filmmakers. They learn the entire process, from scriptwriting and filming techniques to acting and editing. They then turn their own stories into scripts and create their first films. This film captures their journey of discovering cinema and making their own movies..


About the Filmmakers

Kibar DaÄźlayan YiÄźit left high school due to economic challenges and worked as an office secretary. Her passion for storytelling led her to the Beksav Cinema Workshop in 2004, where she developed a love for filmmaking. She has produced and directed seven award-winning documentary films and conducts workshops titled “Our Neighborhood Women Making Movies” to empower women. Her recent documentary, “Archipelago Women,” won awards at the Women’s Voices Now Online Film Festival and the Europa Film Festival. She is currently the Cinema Coordinator at Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Nejla Deveci Ä°mancı was born in 1974 in Sivas. She began her cinema career as a documentary assistant. Participating in a film production workshop within the scope of the “Our Neighborhood Women Making Movies” project, she had her first professional directing experience in 2018 with the film “Archipelago Women” as part of “Our Neighborhood Women Making Movies.” The story starts with women receiving education at the Seferihisar Art Embroidery Workshop and continues on the red carpet.


More From the Filmmakers

Inspired by her own journey in 2018, Kibar DaÄźlayan YiÄźit initiated the “Our Neighborhood Women Making Movies” cinema workshop in collaboration with Seferihisar Municipality, Izmir, Turkey. With the motto “If I can make a film, so can you,” the workshop brought together Turkey’s leading filmmakers and academics, encouraging women to explore cinema and craft their own films. Over the workshops, attended by approximately hundreds of women to date, participants wrote and directed 17 short films. Organizing cinema workshops across several cities in Turkey, the project aims to provide disadvantaged women with opportunities to learn filmmaking at a level where they can create their own films, focusing on gender equality as a fundamental principle.

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