Alone Against The Taliban: Brave Female Reporters in Afghanistan

Caroline Schmidt, Iris Ockenfels and Aaron Moser | Afghanistan | 2021 | 21 mins



A lot of journalists have fled the country since the Taliban took over power in Afghanistan. The risk for them is very high to be persecuted and executed – particularly for female reporters in Afghanistan. But the reporter Zahrah Nabbi will stay and continue to report. In this film she tells us why she makes this decision, while the others flee in horror. We see what happens to her and how she deals with it. An amazing journey through the first two months of the new regime with a very brave woman!

About the Filmmaker

Caroline Schmidt started her career in journalism at the magazine “Der Spiegel” as a writer. After seven years in its Berlin office, she left the publishing house to begin making films. Today she works mostly for the ARD-network. This is her first documentary over Zoom. With the documentary “Hitlers Menschenhändler: Juden als Austauschware” (“Hitler’s Slave traders: Jews as Goods for Exchange”) she won the “Special Jury Remi” of Houston’s WorldFest in 2014.

More from the Filmmaker

Note from the filmmaker: “Zahrah and I still talk every week. In the meantime, the situation in Afghanistan is getting worse and worse. We ought not to forget the people there. Particularly not the women.”

Watch “Hitler’s Slave Traders” here in German: