Ballad for Syria

Eda Elif Tibet | Turkey | 2016 | 48 min


Ballad for Syria Synopsis

A ballad narrates poetic stories in short stanzas, hence this self-reflective musical documentary mirrors the life of Maisa Alhafez, a musician and a Syrian refugee living in Istanbul. The film is about her longing for her loved ones as she tries to make a place for herself in the world of the displaced. Her family is still in Syria, and her true love (fiancé) is in the Netherlands. Because of the current EU-Turkey border regime, to unite is very challenging.

Not giving up, Maisa works hard for her vision to transform the borders: by building a multicultural community “The Oriental Istanbul Mosaic Choir”. A diverse family that sings together, which she believes, through music and love, can heal the wounds of her people and children.

About Ballad for Syria’s Filmmaker

Eda Elif Tibet is an independent documentary filmmaker and anthropologist that commutes between Bern, Switzerland, and Istanbul. In the midst of her PhD research on unaccompanied young asylum seekers in Turkey and the navigation of their educational pathways, Elif continues to follow inspirational life stories visually, too. Approaching filmmaking as an existential life journey, she films and produces her own films under her label KarmaMotion.

Her previous award winning films that circulated throughout world film festivals and broadcasted on television are: ‘28 Days on the Moon’ (2012), ‘AMCHI’ (2013) (Filmmaker of Inspiration), ‘Hey Goat’ (2014), ‘Refugee Here I Am’ (2016) (Gold Human Rights Award). ‘Ballad for Syria’ (2017) is her latest film that came to light through a great friendship that has evolved over the year with Maisa Alhafez.

More from the Filmmaker

In these darkest days, it is just the time that filmmakers must tell stories that connect humankind with each other. Peace and love.

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