Behind the Wheel

Elise Laker | Tajikistan | 2013 | 20 mins


Abandoned by her husband, Nigora must defy prevailing gender norms by re-opening and operating his tire repair shop in order to provide for her family and to set an example for her daughter. Tajikistan is a country known for workers who emigrate to support their families. Most of them are men who leave their wives behind. The film presents the story of Nigora, a Tajik woman working in a garage to support her family after she finds out that her husband, who left the country to find work, is cheating on her. Combining observational and expository techniques of filmmaking, the documentary portrays an independent and strong character, who defies the rules and shows fortitude in an exceptional situation.

Behind the Wheel was an official selection of the 2014 WVN Online Film Festival and was awarded in the Documentary Shorts category.

About the Filmmaker

Elise Laker is a London-based researcher and filmmaker specializing in the Middle East and Central Asia. She is a recent graduate of the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology and holds a BA in French and Russian from the University of Nottingham.

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