Code Red

Eva Bassel, Rickeyna Fields, Estrella Lopez, Erika Martinez & Celeste Vaca | USA | 2018 | 6 mins



This film is a co-production of Women’s Voices Now and GlobalGirl Media: Code Red is a production of Girls’ Voices Now, a Women’s Voice Now Summer Youth Program focused on empowering the next generation of women and femme-identifying activists, filmmakers, and feminists between the ages of 14-22 year old.

Code Red Synopsis

Entering womanhood isn’t always easy. When encountering periods, women and young girls often have to “go with the flow”. Presenting scientific facts and personal experiences with a comedic edge, “Code Red” de-stigmatizes period talk. This film is one of four short social-impact documentaries co-produced by GlobalGirl Media + Women’s Voices Now, summer 2018.

About the Code Red Youth Filmmakers 

Eva Bassel is a second generation immigrant from her father’s side, who came from Senegal, Africa to New York when he was 26. During the economic recession, her mother – the sole provider of a single parent household – lost her job and they experienced low-paid and unstable jobs, and many nights without food. With the help of programs like A Better Chance, she was given access to great education, where she participates in activities like speech, debate and waterpolo, as well as heads clubs like Model UN.

She is currently an Admissions Ambassador for her school. Through GlobalGirl Media, she hopes to shed light on world issues on a variety of platforms and inspire change in communities to make the world a better, more equal and more aware place.

Rickeyna Fields attends the University of California, Merced and is currently in her gap year. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Rickeyna has always had a love and passion for Art and Social Justice. Rickeyna is an active public speaker for EmpowHer Institute and has had her work showcased in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In her free time, Rickeyna likes to design, photograph, and make videos.

Estrella Lopez was brought up in an Indigenous household in East Los Angeles where her indigenous culture is valued and she speaks three languages: English, Spanish, and Nahuatl. She attended Garfield High School where she was the Track and Field Captain (All-city athlete), Speech and Debate President, and Chair of our M.E.Ch.A organization.

She is currently studying Political Science at California State University of Los Angeles, with a newfound interest in social work and politics. She interns at the East Los Angeles Women’s Center as an Executive Coordinator, assisting office works, presentations, and community pop-ups. One day, she hopes to run for political office and represent East Los Angeles as a Congresswoman.

Erika Martinez is a rising senior at Hoover High School in Glendale, CA. She serves as news director and social media manager for her school’s broadcast network. Martinez also serves as junior class representative in the Student Art Council, and a member of the California Scholarship Federation and Media Arts Academy, where she organized a Human Rights Art Gallery and a school-wide Art Week, and promoted the Art department at her high school. In her free time, she produces content for the Los Angeles Times High School Insider, volunteers for local city departments, and assists in a community event known as Teen Night Out.

She is passionate about youth activism and social issues, and was a lead organizer of her school’s walkout against gun violence on March 14th. From the Women’s March to March For Our Lives, she produced numerous media on local demonstrations, including a photograph of an indigenous tribe at an L.A. rally which was recognized by the City of Glendale . She intends to major in Journalism or Film Production with hopes to continue producing content on issues that affect youth and their communities.

Celeste Vaca is a 21-year-old student at California State University Northridge. She is currently pursuing a Journalism major with a minor in Spanish-Language Journalism. She is the author of That Awkward Life, a personal online diary that she shares through As an Inglewood native, she has researched the recent gentrification that the city is undergoing with the new NBA stadium. She plans on becoming a multimedia journalist and wants to create digital content for media companies. She is currently working as a student assistant for CSUN’s Journalism department. She plans on graduating spring 2019.

More from the Filmmakers

To learn more about this film, relevant resources, and the calls to action, please visit the film page, here.

About the Collaborator

GlobalGirl Media is dedicated to empowering high school age girls from under-served communities around the world through media, leadership and journalistic training to have a voice in the global media universe and their own futures. This organization seeks to empower young women from under-served communities through digital journalism and media training to bring their powerful perspectives to the global media stage.