Coerced—The Wisconsin Sex Trafficking Epidemic

Jennifer Hood | USA | 2018 | 41 mins



Wisconsin ranks high among the United States for the recovery of sex trafficking adolescents. From law enforcement to advocates, you will understand how traffickers work and manipulate their victims as well as how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. You will also meet two survivors, who tell their harrowing ordeals of force, fraud, and coercion used for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

About the Filmmaker

Jennifer Hood, an entrepreneur in Videography, has finally produced her first documentary. After being in the wedding business for 17 years, she now has the passion to produce feature documentaries that engage in matters of the truth and of the heart.

More from the Filmmaker

This documentary reflects what is going on in our culture and informs on the subject of sex trafficking. The subject is a growing concern in all 50 states and worldwide. I feel the message needs to be out there for people to realize that this happens in their very own towns too.

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