Remi Bumstead | United Kingdom | 2020 | 8 mins


Diwata Synopsis

Illegal logging operations run throughout the Philippines. Mining companies destroy large parts of ancient forest in order to start operations. However on the island of Palawan, which is often voted the most beautiful island in the world, a small group of women are standing up against these big companies and protecting the forests and the spirit that lives within them; Diwata.

About the Filmmaker

Remi Bumstead is a freelance filmmaker and photographer working internationally across a wide range of projects and topics. Since 2011, he has been working for a broad range of clients from small NGOs to big brands and everything in between. What drives him to create visual content is to establish connections with people; whether it’s with other people or ways of thinking, or to a brand/product.

More from the Filmmaker

“The inspiration for this film was to show the power that we have as concerned citizens to stand up against the engrained power structure. Stand up to protect the environment, to stand up to protect was it important to us, stand up for womens rights. Following the story of Nolsita who is just (in italics!) a woman from a small rural village but who is going up against the huge mining operations illegally logging on the island of Palawan – you can see the power that this one woman has.

Also when coupled with the support of the female mayor of the town, these two women are a force to be reckoned with. Diwata aims to show that no matter where you are from you have the power to use your voice and actions to make a difference.” Remi Bumstead, Director of Diwata

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