Do Not Trust My Silence!

Mubareka Sahar Fetrat | Afghanistan | 2013 | 9 mins


In the current climate of Afghanistan – plagued by war and uncertainty – it is difficult to be a woman, and men often make it even more challenging.

Do Not Trust My Silence! was an official selection of the 2014 WVN Online Film Festival.

About the Filmmaker

Mubareka Sahar Fetrat has worked on documentary projects in Afghanistan for organizations like MTV Iggy Production, Afghan Voices and Al Jazeera. Fetrat’s impressive list of credits includes Kabul Cards, a documentary chronicling the lives of three girls living in the Afghanistan city of Kabul and Do Not Trust My Silence! about the lives of Afghan women living under an oppressive patriarchy where street harassment and other forms of persecution are a daily reality.

More from the Filmmaker

I produced most of this film by allowing myself to be the main target of street harassment. I recorded it with a small flip camera. It was not easy to film men who harassed me or other women. Some of them threw small rocks towards us. I wanted to show how destructive harassment can be. We, women, are strong enough to fight against it and we have the power to stop it.

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