Domino Effect

Yara Cruz, Jaqueline Mendez, Sydney Johnson, & Alyn Mayoral | United States | 2021 | 9:58 min


Domino Effect Synopsis

Our short documentary film tells the story of three young filmmakers who set out to break the conformities that women of color are forced to follow. Through this approach, we highlight how conforming has negatively impacted our mental health over decades. With an array of personal anecdotes that expand into a mosaic of insight from professionals, we are on a journey to find hope for a better future.

About the Filmmaker

BY: Malicka Taffa, Ashley Gomez Bahena, & Renee-Alexis Penunuri.

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Film tags: skin color, machismo, gender roles, assimilate, judging, Black identity, therapy, American culture, trust, power, affirmation, unity, microagression