Domino Effect

Yara Cruz, Jaqueline Mendez, Sydney Johnson, & Alyn Mayoral | United States | 2021 | 9:58 min



Domino Effect Synopsis

Our short documentary film tells the story of three young filmmakers who set out to break the conformities that women of color are forced to follow. Through this approach, we highlight how conforming has negatively impacted our mental health over decades. With an array of personal anecdotes that expand into a mosaic of insight from professionals, we are on a journey to find hope for a better future.

About the Filmmaker

BY: Malicka Taffa, Ashley Gomez Bahena, & Renee-Alexis Penunuri.


Film Screening Guide


  • The United States is seen as a land of opportunity and freedom, but how might this perception be challenged through the experiences of women of color?
  • How many times have you dismissed a mental health issue (no matter how big or little the issue was)?
  • What does it mean to “police oneself”? Give an example.
  • What kind of people are subjected to “policing themselves”?



  • Did any anecdotes in the film resonate with a personal experience or story of a close friend? What were the similarities/differences?
  • What steps will you take to ensure you are practicing self-care and seeking out help from your peers?
  • What will you take away from this film? Did you learn anything new?
  • To what extent did the film change or reinforce your perception of WOC feeling the need to police themselves and their mental health?




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    • Become an advocate in your community and with your peers.
    • Raise awareness of the importance of mental health for people of color. Mental health is just as important as physical health.
    • Know how the power of your voice can create an impact.



  • Organizations

    • Girl Talk HQ
    • InnoPsych
    • East LA Women’s Center

    Social media accounts

    • @girltalkhq
    • @innopsych
    • @elawcyouth
    • @innopsych


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