Down the Stream

Mai Huyen Chi | Vietnam | 2015 | 4 mins



A brief encounter with the young children of the downstream Mekong river, who have lived on boats all their lives.

About the Filmmaker

Mai Huyen Chi made her directorial debut with her short documentary film Down The Stream. Within 10 days, the short garnered around 2 million views across channels, receiving a great deal of media coverage as well as public appraisal.

A writer by trade, Chi is fluent in both Vietnamese and English. She has been a script writer in many commercials, talk shows, corporate videos, and short films. She published as a reporter in multiple publications, and as a photographer in the non-fiction photo book It’s A Living: Life & Work in Vietnam Today.

More from the Filmmaker

Capturing a brief encounter with young stateless boat children in Mekong Delta, the film shines speckles of light onto their little known world and dreams.

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