Fashioning Faith

Yasmin Moll | USA | 2009 | 22 mins


When most Americans think of the Islamic veil, the image of Afghan women in blue burkas or the black chador of the Islamic Republic of Iran may come to mind. But what about the Muslim-American woman who easily combines her headscarf with jeans or haute couture gowns? Fashioning Faith takes a behind the scenes look at the emerging world of Islamic fashion and US-based clothing designers who make it possible. The film interweaves interviews and verité footage from a diverse array of Muslim women with one goal in common – to express their faith through fashion.

Fashioning Faith was an official selection of the 2011 WVN Online Film Festival.

About the Filmmaker

Yasmin Moll spent a nomadic childhood in the Middle East, living in Bahrain, Dubai, and Egypt. Settling down in NYC, Yasmin is an active member of the city’s vibrant Muslim community. She trained in ethnographic filmmaking at NYU’s Culture and Media program. Her research interests include contemporary Islam and visual culture.

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