Get Along

Parya Vatankhah | Iran | 2013 | 6 mins


Ambiguity and paradox demonstrate the beauty and inevitable tragedy of human relations. Dictators and the power of religion corrupt the most intimate relationships between women and men, or between people of the same sex.

Get Along was an official selection of the 2014 WVN Online Film Festival and was awarded in the Experimental category.

About the Filmmaker

Parya Vatankhah is a visual artist and Arts teacher. Originally from Iran, she currently lives and works in Paris. Her practice is multidisciplinary and focuses on the paradoxes that make up our world. She deals with the intimate suffering impacted by politics and society. The body is both the subject and the object of her work. It starts becoming her preferred medium after her arrival in France. She plays herself in her videos and her performances and her body become her medium of the work. Her research is predominantly about the representation of violence in contemporary art.

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