Heart and Soul

Julia Mariano | Brazil | 2017 | 24 mins



Heart and Soul portrays the life of four women from the Brazilian Landless Workers’ Movement who changed their lives through the relationship between their bodies and the land they live in.

About the Filmmaker

Julia Mariano is a filmmaker and cultural producer. She is a director, producer, screenwriter. She has worked on several television programs, such as, Vai Pra Onde? (MSW); Viver para Contar (Discovery Channel) and Revista do Cinema Brasileiro, from TV Brasil. In 2012, she produced and wrote the script for the feature film Passinho Dance Off (Best Documentary at Mostra Novos Rumos at the Rio Festival 2013), and in 2016, she produced and wrote for Fresh Cutz (Juri Special Prize, Rio Festival 2016).

As a cultural producer, she made the first two editions of Microteatro RJ in 2014 and 2016, as well as its movie and photographic exhibitions. In 2017, she founded Noix Cultura, and in partnership with Jurubeba Produções, she directed and co-produced the documentary series, Desde Junho, screened nationally by Brazilian network, EBC.

More from the Filmmaker

Women from the Brazilian Landless Worker’s Movement (MST) struggle daily for survival and basic rights. The symbiotic and daily relationship with the land allows them to define the type of approach to manage their latent issues and to seek solutions in nature. The demand for dignity, longevity and belonging teaches us the ancestry of the cure within the feminine being, that for generations, heal the physical and emotional structures of our society.

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