Hija Callada (The Silent Daughter)

Francesca Krikorian (17), Julie Montiel (16), Stephanie Barcenas (16) | United States | 2022 | 9:35 min


Hija Callada (The Silent Daughter) Synopsis

HIJA CALLADA (THE SILENT DAUGHTER) introduces us to three different women from three different generations and families, who all discuss their trauma and stories involving the generational trauma within their families.

This film was created during the Girls’ Voices Now program that empowers girls from underrepresented and arts-underserved communities to find, develop and use their voices for social change through filmmaking.


About the Filmmakers

Francesca Krikorian is a Mexican (on her mom’s side), Armenian (on her dad’s side) woman, who likes to paint, with oil or acrylic and to watch movies. She hopes to work on directing or anything involving film in the future. One of her biggest passions involving films is getting Latin voices out there more as there is such a divide within the community and she wants to make these stories heard. At her high school, Francesca started a club focused on diversity In Filmmaking which shows films directed by POC, films involving LGBTQ+ struggles and more. This club has a mission to spread awareness within her generation of the power of filmmaking and she hopes to continue to spread that message.

Julissa Montiel is 16 years old and the daughter of Mexican parents. She holds a lot of pride in her Mexican heritage and because of it, is passionate in uplifting Latinx voices in the film industry. Her favorite Latinx-directed film is Bajo la Misma Luna (Under the Same Moon). It is a beautiful story directed by Mexican film director, Patricia Riggen, about a boy immigrating from Mexico to the United States in search of his mother who immigrated to find a better life for herself and her son. It inspired Julissa to continue seeking POC voices in films. This activism in films she seeks also ties into women’s issues she believes is spoken about in the media. There is a lack of representation for women in the film industry that needs to be addressed and improved.

Stephanie Barcenas is 16 years old and lives in Pasadena, CA. She loves taking the train, listening to female-led rock bands, like No Doubt, and watching romcoms, one of her favorites being While You Were Sleeping. She loves being part of an organization that helps to get girls’ voices out into the world and heard.

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1. Are you familiar with the term generational trauma? If so, how have you seen it discussed in the media? If not, what do you think it means?

2. Is it taboo to discuss family problems openly within your community? If so, is there somewhere/someone you can go to for support?

3. Are you aware of your family history? Are there memories your family avoids or is scared to talk about?



1. Do you feel that your grandparents’ experiences impacted your parents’ experiences, which then impacted you?

2. Do you feel like generational trauma has affected your own mental health/state?

3. What has your experience been like discussing generational trauma with others? Are you more likely to talk about this issue now after having seen the film?


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