Emilia Wieding | USA & GERMANY | 2018 | 10 mins



Ciarra Lambert aka Queen Jo is a multi-faceted hip-hop artist from Philadelphia, who has the courage to fight for women’s rights within the same scene that degrades them on a daily basis. She shares her views and opinions through the lyrics of her music and takes the battle against unequal judgment of women.

In a very early stage of her life, she began to realize that society was treating girls differently. By the time she was in high school, she started writing rap lyrics. Even though she was rejected from a label, saying her music is not “suitable” because it was feminist rap, she never gave up spreading her word.

Hollaback shows Ciarra in her creative process combined with her activist mindset. It follows her through the process of creating a song criticizing the way the hip-hop scene portrays women.

About the Filmmaker

Emilia Wieding started her career as a journalist at the Music University in Karlsruhe, Germany. She started with filming portraits about musicians and conducting interviews. She soon discovered that there were more important topics that interested her as a journalist and that was how she started giving a voice to people suffering under injustice.

More from the Filmmaker

I have always loved hip-hop. It was the beat, the flow, the way it made me feel when I listened to rap. But as I got older – (and my English got better) – I started to understand what some lyrics were about. I found myself in a conflict of my favourite music but also my passion for women’s rights. And then I found QueenJo on Instagram – a feminist rapper. I thought it was too contradicting. That’s when I decided to make a portrait about this rapper from Philly, Ciarra Lambert.

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