I Bleed

Leah Manasseh | Lebanon | 2021 | 58 mins



I Bleed Synopsis

They say pain travels through family lines until someone is ready to heal it within themselves.
They say that by going through the agony of healing you break a poisonous cycle for future generations.
In this personal documentary, Leah goes on a journey of exploration, and healing, her first period left an emotional scar that hasn’t healed in twenty years.

Her objective is to create a new narrative around periods for her daughter, which she knows she can only accomplish be freeing herself.
Her insistence of digging beneath the surface and her refusal to be limited by patriarchy’s negative views on periods lead her to look into her own family story, and explore the concept of trans generational trauma.


About the Filmmaker

Leah Manasseh started her career as an actor and theatre director, but then magically fell into the world of film landing her first job as a producer/presenter for one of the first online web channels, Watchmojo.com.

She then started her own production company in Montreal, Delilah Productions and started producing a weekly community show, “Lui e Lei” for CJNT focusing on the Italian community of Montréal. In 2007, Leah moved to the UAE where she started working as Line Producer for Al Jazeera News, Al Jazeera Documentary, and Al Jazeera Children, handling several series being filmed around the world.

Tired of sitting behind the desk, and with a thirst to travel the world and meet people, she decided to become a field producer and a researcher and taking on documentary projects from conception to delivery.

In 2010, Leah opened her own production company based in Dubai, The Traveling Shoe Productions, and started her own web channel: www.mydubaimycity.com, the first online webtv in the region, producing over 3,000 videos ranging from documentary web series, education content, tutorials, a city guide content. She then went on to work in content creation and TVC productions…and this is where she lost herself and her passion for film.

To reignite her passion, she stopped working in the world of brands and decided to pursue an MFA in film at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Today, Leah considers herself a story teller, capturing stories and moments linked to family, heritage, and women creating an archive of stories for future generations.



More from the Filmmaker

“I wanted to change my relationship with my period and understand the cause of the negative narrative around it to create room for a more positive cycle for my daughter.” – Leah Manasseh, http://i-bleed.com

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