I Don’t Have My Home Anymore

Katrine Moite | Ukraine | 2023 | 74:10 mins



I Don’t Have My Home Anymore Synopsis

Dedicated to the stories of 15 Ukrainian women who were forced to leave their homes due to the full-scale war in Ukraine. They found protection and support in the United States. These are 15 women’s voices telling their stories intertwined with pain and loss. Each of the women described how she met the war on February 24, 2022, what she has been through and how she fled the war, her feeling of being abroad, how she was drowning in feelings ranging from confusion to guilt; how she was continuously waiting for a comeback. A lot of kind words women said about people who helped them: both Americans and Ukrainians who had moved abroad even earlier. These people have a huge kind heart and we need to talk out loud about it. Thanks to those who helped, many families were rescued, and found their place in the new country and today they start to live their lives from the beginning.




About the Filmmakers

Katrine Moite is a Ukrainian photographer currently based in New York. Her work focuses on capturing the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood at her studio in Manhattan. Katrine became the ideologist and director of this documentary project about Ukrainian refugee women. Alongside a team of female editors of text, video and graphics, she turned her idea into reality. Together, they unveiled the powerful narratives of Ukrainian women who found shelter and safety in the United States in the midst of war in their homeland.


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As a Ukrainian, a woman, and a global citizen, I feel a deep responsibility to ensure that the ongoing war, which has claimed countless lives, is not forgotten by the world. I believe that together we can bring attention to this important topic and contribute to a greater understanding of the experiences faced by Ukrainian women and children refugees, telling the world about the horrible war that is still lasting and taking more and more lives. We must talk about this until the evil is stopped.

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