Ice Cream Shop Girls

Kyra Boldrighini | USA | 2021 | 18:54 mins



Ice Cream Shop Girls Synopsis

A misguided teen girl desperately wants to prove herself as “one of the boys”, even at the cost of her little sister’s innocence.


About the Filmmakers

Kyra Boldrighini is a Texas-born writer and director. Growing up with two musician parents, she was encouraged to explore every facet of artistic expression from backyard theater to marching band to creative writing. Being born in a progressive pocket of the Bible Belt, Kyra uses her interdisciplinary background to create art that amplifies the voices of her underrepresented loved ones.


More From the Filmmakers

“Ice Cream Shop Girls” highlights internalized misogyny, unwanted sexualization, and that voice in every woman’s head that tells them to just “let it slide”. This film shows how many women have dealt with these feelings since childhood. It splits the phases of girlhood into three characters: the innocent, the exploited, and the self-aware. None of the three can overcome the plague of the male gaze on their own but they can find solace in each other. On a broader note, it explores the psychological warfare that sits just below the surface of a tokenized individual. To further the cause, we ask that viewers of this film pioneer a space in their daily lives that calls out sexual abusers and harassers, no matter how they present themselves on the outside. It also asks that you consider the sort of media you show the young girls and women in your life as certain exploitative representations can leave a lasting impact. Finally, if you have the means to do so, we ask that you donate to charities that fight the sexual abuse and harassment of young girls and women in your country or worldwide. Thank you for lending your eyes and ears to a nuanced story that often goes overlooked.

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