The Invisible Wounds of War

Robert Stockwell | Turkey | 2018 | 12 mins


The Invisible Wounds of War Synopsis

Two professional female comedians (Humor for Hope) travel to the Syrian border to work with displaced Syrian youths suffering from grief and loss.

About the Filmmaker

Robert Stockwell is a director and the owner of Cinema Libertad. His first feature film Burnt in Memory was screened at the Chicago Underground Film Festival; the second feature is in post, and the third is in pre-production. He is the founder of the Palace Film Festival, which features films from a range of artists, musicians, and filmmakers. Robert always believes in a good idea; it all stems from there.

About Humor for Hope

We use trauma informed improvisational comedy as a form of therapy for populations suffering from trauma, acute, chronic and terminal illnesses. Our aim is to get people out their heads and into their bodies so that they can reconnect with themselves and then process whatever is arising for them in therapeutic process groups together.

Safety, trust, connection and being in the present moment are requisites for healing from trauma and they are also the foundation for improvisation. This overlap is the cornerstone of Humor for Hope’s work.

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