Ximena Amescua Cuenca | Mexico | 2015 | 24 mins

Juanita Synopsis

A glimpse into the everyday life of Juanita, a Mayan traditional doctor, midwife, nurse, and activist. The leader of The Awakening of Women who Heal, an organization of midwives in the Orient of Yucatan, Mexico. Juanita has dedicated her life to helping others with her gift for healing. The film follows Juanita as she redefines the meaning of modern and traditional medicine practices.

Juanita was an official selection of the 2017 WVN Online Film Festival.


More from the Filmmaker

A story of strength and resilience, my film follows Juanita, a Mayan midwife from Chemax, Yucatan, Mexico. Juanita found her calling in traditional indigenous midwifery and healing practices. Fueled by a desire to empower her community, Juanita pursued education and support, becoming a leader and founding her own organization of Mayan midwives despite ongoing racial discrimination from the government.

This organization tackles the critical issue of women’s rights and health by providing education on midwifery practices and health throughout workshops for women in this region. Through these efforts, they create a safe space for women to heal and find their own strength as well as organize to protect the essential role that midwives play in these rural communities that don’t have access to other medical and health services. Juanita embodies the unwavering spirit of a community leader. Her story is a testament to the power within each of us to overcome adversity and become a beacon of hope and transformation for ourselves and others.

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