Kayan: Beyond the Rings

Marko Randelovic | Thailand & UK | 2018 | 5 mins


The Kayan people of northern Thailand’s so-called “long-neck” villages would like the world to hear the truth behind the negative media headlines. Should we not let the Kayan people decide whether they want people to visit them or not? In an ethical boycott, nobody wins.

About the Filmmaker

Since Marko Randelovic can remember, he’s always had a strong interest in culture and a passion for trying to make the world a better place, whether it be through supporting humanitarian, social, or environmental causes.

He now travels nomadically, often working with charities and organizations to tell culturally important stories through the eyes of local people. By providing an insight into inspiring lives across the world, he hopes to show the power of humanity to overcome great odds and capture this noblest trait wherever he finds it. His work has attracted press coverage from the likes of CNN, Sydney Morning Herald, Al Jazeera, and a plethora of other online outlets.

More from the Filmmaker

This film was really important to me and for the Kayan people themselves. It’s essential that the world sees the truth behind the media headlines which are damaging these fragile economies of the Kayan refugee communities.

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