Alexia Dalla Rosa | Canada | 2017 | 9 min


Lucid Synopsis

A look into mental health: You cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside yourself. The only thing we hold, as an explanation, is our art.

About the Filmmaker

As a new graduate of York University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production, Alexia Dalla Rosa is an artist at heart. From a very young age, Alexia was capable of picking up any artistic skill and making it her own. Her wide range of knowledge and passions in the arts allows Alexia to blend mediums and different arts together in innovative ways.

Along with directing, she loves to dabble in other specialities such as writing, editing, and assistant directing. She has taken on the role of Editor for her most recent film Cold Hands, directed by Eric Bizzarri. Cold Hands made its worldwide premiere November 8, 2018, at the Hamilton Film Festival.

Director’s Statement

Lucid is a story about a young woman faced with anxiety and depression, who is able to let go and come to peace through the art of dance. I created this film with the intention of creating a platform where viewers could create their own connection and meaning. At the end of the first private screening, many approached me saying that they were victims of sexual assault and that’s what they felt the film was about. Others saw it as a message about woman confidence and empowerment. Whatever it means to you, I hope it brings you peace.


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