Ms. Ma and Her Literacy Class

Aide et Action | China | 2008 | 11 mins

Ma and Her Literacy Class Synopsis

Increasing literacy among women remains a global struggle. In Ningxia Province, a rural area of western China, the organization Aide et Action operates the “Women Literacy Class and Training of Literacy Teachers” (est. 2006). One fifth of the Muslim population in China lives in this province and it is here that we meet Ms. Ma, the backbone of Aid et Action’s literacy project. Ms. Ma is the recipient of “The National 5 1 Labor Medal” and has been recognized as one of “Ten Outstanding Women of Asia.”

Directed by Aide et Action International.

Ms. Ma and Her Literacy Class was an official selection of the 2014 WVN Online Film Festival.

About the Filmmaker

Aide et Action International supports local actors so that they may themselves devise, develop and implement educational projects. Its aim is to build capacities and promote the autonomy of population groups (communities, parents, teachers, governments, etc.) so that they can sustainably turn into actors of their own lives and responsible citizens.

Aide et Action International ensures that the global vision of educational systems and challenges across the world are shared, which makes it possible to strengthen the relevance of the actions undertaken, anticipate global developments and promote action-research and innovation.

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