My Days with Her

Julia Pá | Brazil | 2014 | 17:58



My Days with Her Synopsis

A Brazilian embarks on a lonely journey to share one month of the daily life of Chola, a 58-year-old Colombian matriarch who lives in a rural and isolated community by the Pacific coast. A personal and intimate portrait of the strength of femininity.


About the Filmmaker

Julia Pá holds a Masters in Development Studies from University of Sussex (UK) and worked for 6 years with social policy in the Government of Brazil, World Bank and DFID, implementing social programs in villages in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

After visiting rural communities throughout the world, Julia decided to dive into the lives of women from different countries and share their daily lives. She then created the independent immersion project, 13 Moons: a journey in search for the power of the feminine in various cultures. She would live inside the households of women, work in the fields, cook, eat, dance, laugh and share silences with them, and translate those experiences into photography and film.

The project has two chapters in Colombia and in India, and her short films have been screened in festivals in Brazil and India.


More From the Filmmaker

Transpass any boundaries of culture, age, social class, and religion in order to make ties and build bridges with and between all women.



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