My Name is Sami

Daniela Lucato | Germany, Italy | 2020 | 3:45 mins



My Name is Sami Synopsis

During the COVID-19 pandemic Sami calls a friend to tell her a tragic episode.



About the Filmmakers

Daniela Lucato started playing theatre in Padua (Italy) parallel to her studies at the university. After her degree in Philosophy she moved to Rome, Wellington, and, finally, Berlin where she works as an actress/filmmaker. The Birthday (2014), her first short film written/ directed in Mandarin/English language, has been officiallydomes selected to 25 international festivals (among these Micgenero, Frameline, ShanghaiPride where the film was also nominated for the best cinematography). In 2015 she founded Connecting Fingers Company. Her last productions for theatre are Connecting Fingers, The Wheel, and The Rebellious Body. Her last films: When I Dance (2016) and The Wheel (2017) have screened at international film festivals. For the Time Being (2018) received the award of Best International Short Film at DUAF/ Tribeca Film Center. In 2019 she wrote/directed the experimental short film, Vieni, and the narrative short, Mamma dorme (Mommy’s sleeping). She is now working on the script development of her first feature film.


More From the Filmmakers

Be active daily and talk to the young people around you by breaking patriarchal prejudices that justify the treatment of women that exposes them to inferiority or judges them for their behavior/actions.

Openly address the issue of domestic violence without shame with colleagues and friends

Be open to listening and not underestimating possible requests for help.

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