Not Normal

Allison Rich | United States | 2023 | 20:58 mins



Not Normal Synopsis

A woman struggles to survive her painful periods long enough to find answers for her strange symptoms. She discovers a new normal as she fights to receive a diagnosis, find accurate information, and seek effective treatment for endometriosis.

Not Normal is an autobiographical film. It explores the implications of period taboos and dismissing a woman’s pain for the 1 in 10 people assigned female at birth living with endometriosis. The film calls for a future where each body receives access to equitable care.




About the Filmmakers

Allison Rich (she / her) is from Miami, FL and uses art to explore a more livable future. Her film combines first person narration, iPhone images of nature in Miami, self portraits, paintings, and archive images to form 213 collages using Canva.

Allison Directed the Earth Ethics Institute, Chaired on a state Climate Change Commission, and founded an Environmental Health Network.

She is a graduate of New World School for the Arts, Goucher College, and is certified in climate change and health communication from Yale School of Public Health. She would love to connect and make more films for change!


More From the Filmmakers

Believe people when they speak about pain and periods. Speak to a friend about endometriosis. Write a letter to American College of Gynecology asking them to update the definition of endometriosis and to support access to excision surgery.

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