not Quite Here, not Quite There

Diana Peña, Emily Ponce & Kianna Teachout | USA | 2019 | 5 mins



not Quite Here, not Quite There Synopsis

Media representations of immigrants dehumanize the people they portray. not Quite Here, not Quite There is a visual companion to a poem written by Diana Peña, focusing on the undocumented experience.


About the Youth Filmmakers

Diana Peña (16 years old) is a high school student and storyteller who enjoys presenting stories regardless of medium. She immigrated from Mexico when she was 3 and grew up in the humming streets of Boyle Heights. Cared for by a single mother in a small home with seven others, she has worked as a janitor alongside her mother at Boyle Heights Beat where she learned about the Girls’ Voices Now program. She has recently taken to screenwriting, and her hobbies include writing online fanfiction, styling and clothes altering.

Emily Ponce (14 years old) is a freshman with a keen interest in volleyball. She also volunteers at Cedar Sinai Hospital and California Hospital, where she learns about opportunities that were not given to her parents, who made many sacrifices to immigrate to the United States. She hopes to become a therapist to give back to her parents and community.

Kianna Teachout (18 years old) is a Sophomore Intermedia major at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon, where she was the recipient of the Bridgetown and CSSA Scholarships. She is an alumni of the Oxbow School of Art, the California State Summer School for the Arts, Ryman Arts, and the CalArts Community Arts Partnership.

She is a member of GetLit, and has participated in multiple GetLit Classic Slams, as well as the annual Henry-Camp Blair Shakespeare Festival at Chapman University. She is a published poet who is featured in the 2019 anthology, This Moment: Bold Voices from WriteGirl. She is an activist, writer, actor, visual artist, and is a lover of literature and film.


Film Screening Guide


  • What are some stereotypes you’ve heard about undocumented immigrants? Do you think they’re true? What is your opinion of undocumented immigrants?
  • Why do you think people become immigrants?
  • What is your knowledge about the current immigration policies in this country? Do you believe they are ethical?
  • Do you know what’s currently occurring in the detention camps for immigrants? Why do you think immigrants are being detained in detention facilities?
  • Have you heard of DACA — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ?



  • What are some ways the writer has been affected as a result of being an immigrant?
  • How can you be an ally to undocumented immigrants?
  • Were you able to relate personally to any parts of the film?
  • In the film the writer asks, “is soil all that makes us American?” What do you think she means by that? What do you think it means to be American?
  • In the film the writer says, “and isn’t that the American Dream? we’re a huddled people yearning to breathe free.” What do you think the American Dream is?
  • After watching this film do you feel more equipped to engage in constructive conversations around immigrant issues?



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