Onyi: The Path to Finding Me

Tamara Sims, Elissa Fong & Brigette Barrales | USA | 2019 | 6 mins



This is a Women’s Voices Now Production: Onyi: The Path to Finding Me is a production of Girls’ Voices Now, a Women’s Voices Now Summer Youth Program focused on empowering the next generation of women and femme-identifying activists, filmmakers, and feminists.

Onyi: The Path to Finding Me Synopsis

The media often portrays unrealistic standards that damage the self-esteem and confidence of those who do not meet “ideal” beauty standards. This film focuses on Onyi, who, despite the pressures of society, is unapologetically herself.

About the Youth Filmmakers

Tamara Sims (14 years old) is a filmmaker and actor. She wrote scripts in 5th grade as part of the “Young Storytellers” program; her script was selected to be performed by professional actors including Jack Black and Keegan-Michael Key, and she wrote a short film which debuted at the El Capitan theater, as part of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” film promotions.

She also participated in the “Movie Makers” program that took place at Sony Studios where she made a film about a female US President. Tamara aims to create documentaries that address environmental issues and social change.

Elissa Fong (16 years old) is a rising senior at South Pasadena High School where she dedicates her time to giving back to the community. She is part of TASSEL, where she teaches English to children in Cambodia through email and FaceTime. S

he is also involved with various community organizations, e.g. the city’s youth commission and WriteGirl, a program that inspires young women to write, and Bring Me Hope, where she attended a summer camp in China caring for disabled orphans. She strives to bring awareness about the medically underserved through her passion for writing and film, and plans to major in film at university and pursue a career in journalism.

Brigette Barrales (17 years old) is a Gen Z with a goal to use education to unlock the best in both the older and younger generations. She aims to use her experience in filmmaking to realize her ideas and meet like minded individuals.

More from the Filmmakers

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