Siena Pinney | USA | 2017 | 13 min



Possibility Synopsis

“Possibility” is a dreamlike exploration of two defining moments in a young couple’s life as they struggle with the decision to have an abortion.

Key Cast: Allie Pratt, Marcos Gonzalez


About the Filmmaker

Siena Pinney is a writer/director/cinematographer based in Los Angeles, CA. Named 2017’s Filmmaker to Watch by the Women Texas Film Festival, Siena strives to tell honest portrayals of women’s personal stories, big or small.


More From the Filmmaker

Ever since I started working on Possibility, I’ve tried to avoid talking about it. It’s strange, because I chose to tell a personal story, and I chose to tell it for a reason, but when people asked me what my film was about, I found myself dancing around the subject. But I made this film because, deep down, I really do want to talk about it. Because when I had an abortion, it was talking to other women about their abortions that made me feel like I was going to be okay. It inspired me to make a film that shared my own experience.

What you won’t find in POSSIBILITY is a strong political message on abortion; I see it as a personal issue that will always exist in a grey area, and that grey area is what interests me. But I believe it’s essential that we DO talk about it, and I hope Possibility will inspire conversation and compassion on a personal level.



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