Wong Ka Ki | UK | 2015 | 3 min



A girl is looking for herself and, yet, she does not know her self is looking for her as well.

About the Filmmaker

Born in Hong Kong, Wong Ka Ki in recent years participated in many protests in Hong Kong as a documentary videographer/photographer. She is currently studying an MA in Filmmaking at the London Film School. She has been actively making short films on topics about strange human relationships and fantasies. All of her films feature female characters and stories. She hopes her films will lead to more discussions on female issues and will attract more females to join the film industry, to speak out their voices.

She stayed at Listhús Artspace, Ólafsfjörður, Iceland, as a resident artist in February 2015 for a short animation directed and produced by herself. She was also an intern at the Reykjavík International Film Festival during summer 2015.

Her films have been screened at various festivals across the world, including places like Hong Kong, Reykjavík, Bangalore, Italy, and Paris.

More from the Filmmaker

I am a person who is constantly searching for strange and exciting things. I hate repetition and always want to find new things out of ordinary ones. I like to transfer real feelings to characters and situations created by me. I believe the area mixed with real and imaginative things or people brings excitement to my films, or even inspires.

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