Alysse Stepanian | USA | 2009 | 6 mins


With her broom as a weapon of protest, Alysse discovers a newfound strength among other underprivileged women at the beginning of the Iranian Revolution.

Roghieh was an official selection of the 2011 WVN Online Film Festival.

About the Filmmaker

Alysse Stepanian is a Los Angeles-based and Iranian-born transmedia artist, independent curator and “animal” rights advocate (human and not). She has exhibited in over 45 countries and her writings have been translated into Spanish, Finnish, and French.

Current projects include a series of 3D animations titled #MemoryoftheUniverse. Her creative work, research, and writings are focused on the effects of nationalism and politics of fear, the importance of intersectionality in fighting injustices such as racism, sexism and speciesism, the concept of global collective consciousness in a digital age, and the struggle against the homogenization or Westernization of consumer culture.

Stepanian thinks that art is about creative problem solving and figuring out the relationships between concepts and events, and she is interested in the use of technology in ethical and creative ways that help expand human consciousness.

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