Rose Colored Glasses

Aiyanna Randolph, Caper Ratchford, Frida Ajanel | United States | 2023 | 12:22



Rose Colored Glasses Synopsis

A young girl meets a guy through social media and realizes that he has different expectations of her than she has of herself. This film follows the girl as she changes herself so that the guy will accept her, with interviews from young people who has experienced the male gaze a tried to change the status quo.


About the Filmmakers

Caper Ratchford is a Junior at DaVinci Connect High School, pursuing her passion in film and fashion. As a child growing up in Los Angeles, Caper became infatuated with movies and the storytellers that accompanied them. She has participated in opportunities that nurture her passions like Girls’ Voices Now. Caper is an active member in her community, participating as a CIT (counselor in training) at Galileo Kids Summer Camp helping kids learn teamwork, collaboration, and leadership skills. Once she graduates highschool with her associate’s degree, she hopes to attend NYU Tisch School of the Arts while double majoring in cinema studies and costume design, and pursuing her career in New York.


Aiyanna Randolph is an incoming Sophomore Attending Roybal Film and Television Magnet Located in Downtown Los Angeles. Throughout her upcoming years in High School she desires to learn and gain more knowledge as well as experience in the film industry to take that knowledge and endurance with her as years go on as she yearns to find her steady path. For years Aiyanna has had great interest in film and television and creating/ circulating ideas that could come to light later in the future and narrow down certain situations and experiences. Throughout the past year, Aiyanna has endured some amazing opportunities and experiences involving film such as being invited and attending the Wakanda Forever Premiere in Hollywood, interning and creating a short film through Girls’ Voices Now, going on a tour around Fox Studios backlots and Universal Studios, and having the opportunity to engage with big producers and creators in the studios and grasp the experience and gain an impactful knowledge of Film.


Frida Ajanel is an incoming sophomore at Da Vinci Connect High School, a hybrid high school. Frida is a straight A’s and B’s student with a 3.7 GPA. Frida’s goal is to eventually attend New York University after graduating. She plans to study business/finance and film. She discovered her interest in business at a very young age by starting her own businesses including a vintage clothing store, and she found her interest in film by wanting to express emotion through cinematography. Frida has always been determined and focused on the future she wants to pursue and has been described as committed and optimistic. Over the past years, Frida has attended multiple film programs including Girls’ Voices Now where she will co-create a short film about social impact in order to spread awareness. Frida is very active in her high school community, she is a part of many clubs including community service, yearbook, and connect crew, which focuses on organizing school events. Frida is organized and independent, as well as an achiever.


Film Screening Guide


  • What is your definition of the male gaze?
  • Can you spot ways the male gaze is prevalent in society?
  • Do you think you are affected by the male gaze?



  • Have you ever called out problematic behavior that relates to the male gaze or how women are perceived?
  • Are there times where you felt you had to change yourself for another person?
  • Have your relationships ever grown stronger or been strained because of someone’s perception of you?





  • Start conversations in your family and community, about expectations using our conversation starters



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