Roses Through the Cracks

Alexandra Abundez, Nargis Fazili, Leonora Garcia, Kimberly Ortiz-Ortega | United States | 2023 | 9:59



Roses Through the Cracks Synopsis

Story about 4 immigrants within Los Angeles, conveying their stories about the challenges and struggles within the immigrant experience that can also birth moments of beauty. Though there do exist challenges faced by a majority of immigrants, the immigrant experience isn’t miserable but accompanied by lively and joyful moments. The film de fpicts a contrast embedded within the concept of this experience, sharing how the difficult and virtuous coexists.


About the Filmmakers

Leonora Mayahuel Garcia is a rising senior at New West Charter High School. She plans on majoring in film production in college and pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Leonora has always prided herself on her Oaxacan identity and being deeply connected to her indigenous Zapotec roots. She strives to bring attention not only to the societal challenges faced by the indigenous community and other marginalized communities, but the beauty of their identity especially through being a member of the Oaxacan youth oral history project and a future leader of Latinos Unidos at her school. Community as a whole thrives as a fundamental value for Leonora as heightened by being a member of the Palms Teen Council and The Youth Advisory Board at 826LA. Leonora holds a passion for all things creative, most heavily film and design. These interests are emphasized in all aspects of her life that she has continued to develop by crafting tangible things constructed of her visions. Creating 3 short films throughout the past year as well as beginning her screen printing journey and clothing brand De, Zacru has increased her love for the arts. Leonora joined the Girls’ Voices Now Program in an effort to enrich her passion for the arts and community via channeling her interest to create a film revolving around significant social-impact issues.


Kimberly Ortiz-Ortega is an incoming freshman at Los Altos High school. She grew up in Echo Park, Los Angeles. She looks forward to developing filmmaking and camera skills from the Girls’ Voices Now program. Mental health is a passion she hopes to pursue in college., Some of her hobbies include looking after her dogs, listening to music, and baking, her favorite dessert is ice cream (chocolate chip and/or cookies n’ cream).


Nargis Fazili is 15 years old. She attends Grand Arts High School in Los Angeles. She is originally from Afghanistan and based in the United States since the October 25, 2022. She speaks three languages: Persian, English, and German. Since she was a child, she played in some short films and is one of the main characters and cinematographers of the documentary film “Midnight Traveller”, filmed on 3 iPhones, and was screened in more than a 100 film festivals and won over 30 international awards like Sundance, Emmy, Berlinale, Sheffield, Peabody, and San Francisco. She’s participating in the Girls’ Voices Now summer program to learn filmmaking with an actual camera.


Alexandra Abundez is a CSULA Fine Arts attendee and indigenous descent, as well as an inspiring animator and artist based in Los Angeles who’s currently attending Gahr High School. Alex is an art enthusiast with a strong passion in the medium. As long as she can remember, watching animated classics had sparked her love for art and animation. Since then, she’s continued her journey in learning and partaking as much as she could and doesn’t plan to stop. Alex plans on attending the major art schools in the future like Calarts or Ringling College of Art and Design. Joining Girls voices now is Alexandra’s next step in her journey in learning new skills.


Film Screening Guide


  • How do you view immigrants? 
  • What is the main immigrant story portrayed in the media? 
  • Do you think immigrants have it easy?



  • Who do you feel needs to have more discussion regarding the stigma against immigrants?
  • What are things you can do to give these communities a voice?
  • How has your perspective changed about immigrants’ lives?












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