Anusha Bose | India | 2018 | 25 mins



Shame Synopsis

Shame is a dark comedy that walks the thin line that separates the two worlds; the haves from the ha ve-nots; the affluent from the service providers; the indulgent from the repressed. When Fanny, the protagonist, slips and crosses the forbidden line in a moment of temptation that she confronts both the wrath of her employers and the demon within.

Shame is the twisted journey of a meek, vulnerable woman who emerges from the background to unapologetically reclaim her dignity, confidence and her right to desire.


About the Filmmakers

Anusha Bose is an Indian filmmaker and actress. Her credits include:
– Executive Producer on 10ml Love- a contemporary, Indian adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
– Supervising Producer with NDTV, designing content across 4 channels- 24×7 (English) and NDTV India (Hindi) and Prime (Business), Good Times (Lifestyle).
– Executive Producer with the Star Network Content Engine; conceptualising and developing shows for Star Plus, Life OK, Jalsa, Channel V and Pravah.
– Business development head for production house, Rowdy Rascal.

The character of the protagonist, Fanny; housekeeping staff in a posh hotel and the premise of the film was inspired by a real incident; one that made me ponder what it must be to walk a mile in the shoes of those who provide for us silently; unrewarded, often slighted and mostly invisible. We hardly ever stop to express our gratitude or acknowledge their efforts or wonder if our indifference ever makes them feel small. ‘Shame’ is an ode to the backgroundworker, with the power to make or break the day!


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