Shedding Skin

Sam Javadi | USA | 2017 | 7 min



Feeling ourselves in our own skin can feel safe, comfortable. A place of (dis)placement is not about better or worse, free or unfree; it is bittersweet, involving acceptance, coming to peace, independence, shedding attachment, and letting go.

About the Filmmaker

Sam Javadi is an Iranian film and theater director based for the last three years in Tajikistan. He was Video Director for Mamak Khadem’s Whispers of Spring, which premiered at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and he made music videos for many prominent Tajik musicians.

He was the Director of Photography for the feature documentary After the Curtain, which premiered at Lincoln Center in February 2016. He is the founder of the theater group Bisarparastan, whose production, Journalist, written and directed by Sam, went on an 11-city tour of Tajikistan and then to the 2016 Rumi Festival in Norway.

Sam is also an accomplished dancer, musician, and actor. He brings this sensitivity to performance and to his camera style. Sam speaks Persian, Turkish, and English.

More from the Filmmaker

In Shedding Skin, what may appear to be the “veil” is actually about “skin” — one doesn’t want to leave identity (shed their skin), but eventually has to let it go as they move into a new reality.

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