She’s Got game

Marisela Lopez, Adriana Mendoza & Sissi Rivas | USA | 2019 | 7 mins



This is a Women’s Voices Now Production: She’s Got Game is a production of Girls’ Voices Now, a Women’s Voices Now Summer Youth Program focused on empowering the next generation of women and femme-identifying activists, filmmakers, and feminists.

She’s Got Game Synopsis

This film exposes the underfunding and inequity young female athletes face throughout their time in school.

About She’s Got Game Youth Filmmakers

Marisela Lopez (17 years old) is passionate about films and creating meaningful films that will touch and impact others. She was raised in Southeast Los Angeles, the youngest of three, to parents who immigrated from Mexico. From a young age, she understood that life will be tough because of her parent’s immigration status. However, this inspired her to grow her awareness and education in social and political issues plaguing the world.

Adriana Mendoza (14 years old) enjoys creative expression through the medium of fashion, writing, music, painting, and drawing. Sarcasm comes naturally to her, and she is drawn to the colour green due to its calming influence on her. Laughter is her best trait.

Sissi Rivas (18 years old) lives in South Central where she experiences both delight and fear – delight because her neighborhood gives her a dream and inspires her to become a better person, and fear because she has witnessed so much violence in her local streets. Her parents came from El Salvador believing they will experience a better life, but reality does not always match expectations. Sissi is using the Girls’ Voices Now to speak about her experiences as well as those of others. As a recent graduate, she will use her camera – a graduation gift from her older brother – to create photography and short films.

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