Mark Tumas | USA | 15 mins



Sweepstakes Synopsis

Sweepstakes tell the story of a new mother Lori, who when forced into a full-time caretaker role, struggles to face the life she could have had.


About the Filmmaker

Mark Tumas is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker and graduate of Temple University. He is producing work in the form of narrative and experimental videos. In 2012 Tumas received a Princess Grace Film Honoraria Grant to help fund his narrative short “Sweepstakes” which went on to premiere at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. “Sweepstakes” was also nominated for a 2014 Narrative Student Academy Award.


More From the Filmmaker

I believe that when films are personal, honest, and empathetic they can be transformative and have a positive effect on the viewer and the maker.



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