The Beauty in Being Different

Jennifer Tecum, Jairemei De Padua, Rebekah Grace de Guzman, Madison Mcmorrin-Watson | United States | 2023 | 8:22



The Beauty in Being Different Synopsis

Three girls share their st fory about not fitting the mold due to their feelings of inadequacy stemming from the harmful effects of beauty standards and how they overcome it.


About the Filmmakers

Rebekah Grace de Guzman is a high school student at Eagle Rock High School aspiring to become a filmmaker. Growing up as a Filipino-American in northeast LA, she has always had a special interest in writing stories and has hopes to use those talents in video production. She also wants to use the art of filmmaking to fight societal issues and lift up voices who don’t have the power to speak for themselves. As 2023 Girls’ Voices Now participant, Rebekah and her fellow classmates are creating a short documentary, which explores how young women of color are negatively impacted by the western beauty standards.


Jairemei De Padua is a junior at Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Magnet High School. She is an ambitious and resilient Filipina who aspires to become a doctor. After graduating high school, she plans to continue her journey to becoming a doctor by majoring in pharmacy or biology in college. Other than her interest in medicine, Jairemei has a passion for spreading awareness of women’s struggles. With her Girls’ Voices Now group, she is working on “The Beauty in Being Different”, a film that discusses the stories of four girls who struggled with realizing their true beauty. Jairemei hopes to be able to help others, whether it be through medicine, film, or both.


Madison Mcmorrin Watson is a rising sophomore at New Roads Upper School. She spends her time in her schools Black Student Union, Black Girls Unite, Feministas, and Speech and Debate Group. Her goal is to attend a 4-year college studying critical race theory and scriptwriting. She has spent most of her teenage life actively supporting her community with groups like Culver City Community of Color Initiative, Culver City Care, and a teen volunteer at Culver City’s Juneteenth event. As an African-American Woman she feels connected to the social issues of the world and wants to share tools of support to those without access. She maintains a 3.7- 4.0 grade point average while participating in school sports such as soccer, tennis, and track. She joined the Girls’ Voices Now program to be able to produce her own social justice film that promotes fairness and equity across many aspects of society.


Jennifer Tecum is a rising junior attending Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Magnet High School. Currently, she is attending the pre-med club at her school. In the future, Jennifer wants to learn more about criminalistics and is aspiring to major in biochemistry or forensic science in college. Aside from her medical dreams she also enjoys working with the camera. From a young age, Jennifer always loved to watch her dad work with cameras and when she turned 10 she finally got permission to help him film and even edit. Throughout the years Jennifer has expanded her passion and filmed numerous events alongside her father and hopes to expand her knowledge in this field. Jennifer joined Girl’s Voices Now to discuss worldwide issues and to help her use her voice by making a short film about an issue she is passionate about.


Film Screening Guide


  • When was the last time you felt insecure about your appearance?
  • What has been your experience with beauty standards?
  • Why do you think beauty standards are made?
  • What beauty standards affect you?
  • What do beauty standards mean to you?



  • Is there any person that has made you feel beautiful? Who?
  • What will you do to make others feel beautiful?
  • What is a part of your body that you appreciate, and why?
  • What makes you feel beautiful?
  • How do you feel about yourself now that you watched the film?



  • Companies
    • The Dove Self-Esteem Project: has a vision in which beauty is a source of self-confidence, it also helps educate children on the importance of body positivity
    • Exa Beauty: A natural beauty brand that has widen the shade range in the clean beauty space and dedicates themselves to promoting inclusivity and change
    • Shop Taby: A Latina owned business dedicated to making clothing for all plus-size people (sizes XS-5X)
    • Shiny by Nature: A clothing brand dedicated to making fun, size-inclusive, and high-quality clothing at affordable prices (sizes XS-5X)
    • Trash Queen: A nonbinary owned business with made to order fashion that’s made in mind of plus sized, disabled, and LGBTQ people (sizes XS-5X)
    • Fenty Beauty: A makeup brand by Rihanna was created with the promise of inclusion for all women.
    • Rare Beauty: A makeup brand by Selena Gomez that was made to feel good in, without hiding what makes you unique.
  • Organizations 
    • @bodypositivityadvocacy on Instagram: A small page made by Penn State students to advocate for body positivity.
    • @feminist.jazzy on Instagram: A page where people can share their art advocacy that gives inspiration and motivation to people, centered around the pride you should have about being who you are.
    • The Self Love Organization: A digital wellness community, self love, and therapy club for black women.
    • The Body Positive: A nonprofit organization that teaches people to listen to their bodies, learn and thrive.
  • Reading Materials
    • GirlTalkHQ: A platform and community that is focused on amplifying the voices and stories of everyday women and girls around the world.



  • Support brands whose mission is inclusivity
  • Open discussions with classmates, friends, and family
  • Dedicate your words to uplifting others
  • Educate people who have non-inclusive beauty standards








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