The Woman As A Witch (Las Hay)

Letícia do Valle | Brazil | 2021 | 20 mins



The woman as a witch (Las Hay – original title) is a short documentary that explores the famous witch hunt where many women were persecuted. The film shows how the image of the witch was shaped over time by society’s imagination, bringing reflections to our culture.

About the Filmmaker

With a bachelor’s degree in film, Letícia do Valle currently works as a film editor in a production studio based in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Las Hay (The woman as a witch) is her first film as a director.

More from the Filmmaker

“Primarily, I would like to say that I’m feminist and I study and fight every single day for equal rights. Besides that, I was raised by a spiritualistic family, so I really like to learn and connect myself with many beliefs linked to spiritualism. One of them is witchcraft – I discovered it’s a practice and not a religion itself, and it can be linked with many different religions. Well, the witchcraft subject made me reflect about the Inquisition and I started to ask myself why so many women were accused of being witches. Putting all that together, I started thinking about scenes, about stories that I could tell and reflections we could make.” – Letícia do Valle


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