The Women Who Were Never There

Robynne Murphy | Australia | 2016 | 23 mins


A powerful dramatization of real events, The Women Who Were Never There depicts the lengths that a group of determined women will go to get work in a male-only industry.

The Women Who Were Never There was an official selection of the 2017 WVN Online Film Festival.

About the Filmmaker

As a young activist, Robynne Murphy helped found the Jobs For Women campaign and was one of the first women to file a claim with the anti-discrimination board. Robynne studied at the Australian Film & Television School and has made films on women, welfare, and social justice.

More from the Filmmaker

Filmed over 6 days in Sydney and Wollongong, involving more than 100 people including 22 paid actors, 62 volunteer extras, 15 crew members and heaps more volunteer support, The Women Who Were Never There is a powerful dramatization of the prelude to the 1980s Jobs For Women campaign.

Taking on the most powerful corporation in town, the women’s creative actions not only shake management but lay the basis for changes for women across the country.

1973 was the first attempt to get employment for women at the steelworks and involved some dramatic and creative actions that shook the steelworks management. It laid the groundwork for the momentous campaign which was to follow.

Despite a shoestring budget, financed mainly through generous crowdfunding support, this 25-minute film packs a punch. The short film is also being used as the basis for seeking further backing – from organizations, funding bodies, and individuals – for the feature film.

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