The World Through Our Eyes

Sophia Romero, Amanda Arellano, & Arisbeth Sanchez | United States | 2021 | 6:31 min


The World Through Our Eyes Synopsis

In the making of our film, “The World Through Our Eyes”, we discovered how society’s standards serve to obscure our identities. We wanted to define systems of oppression through the lens of a culture web, and express our separate identities as young women of color from different marginalized groups.

About the Filmmaker

BY: Sophia Romero, Amanda Arellano, & Arisbeth Sanchez



Film Screening Guide


  • Have you ever faced discrimination? If so, please share if you’re comfortable.
  • How has your privilege shielded you from experiencing discrimination? (We define privilege as the feeling of being fully accepted and of having the same opportunities as another demographic/group.)
  • Have you ever discriminated against someone?



  • What resonated with you about this story?
  • How can you use your privilege to support people who have faced discrimination?
  • How can you motivate people to advocate for the inclusion of marginalized communities?
  • How can you educate yourself by preventing you from discriminating against someone in the future?
  • Has your thought process changed after watching this film?
  • Do you feel more proud of your race and disability after watching this film?




    • WATCH + SHARE THIS FILM (with anyone and everyone) on your Instagram account and use this copy for your post:

    The World Through Our Eyes explores how three young women of color are challenging systems of oppression created by our society’s culture web through sharing personal moments of overcoming gender, racial, and disability discrimination. @hello_world_mandy @sophia._romero @im_aris1470 @womens_voices_now

    #girlsvoicesnow #womensvoicesnow #TheWorldThroughOurEyes #empathytoaction #ChicanaLikeMe #Chicanapride #Chicanismo #MexicanLikeMe #AutisticLikeMe #specialneeds #girlsofcolor #womenofcolor #womenempowerment

    • Start or join a club at school/at your work that fights discrimination and encourages inclusivity
    • Make a social media trend that encourages people to advocate for inclusion (marginalized/special needs communities), such as tagging a post, doing a TikTok challenge, etc.
    • Talk to people who have experienced discrimination and include them in your own activities.



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