Through Foreign Eyes

Mykaela Plotkin | Brazil | 2018 | 75 mins



Through Foreign Eyes Synopsis

An essay film of found-footage that recollects unregistered memories combining reflections on identity and ethnic roots.

About Through Foreign Eyes Filmmaker

Mykaela Plotkin has a degree in Creative Documentary from the Observatorio de Cine, in Buenos Aires, where she also studied scriptwriting, editing and directing.

She graduated in Social Communication from UFPE and has been active in the audiovisual market for twelve years. Mykaela is preparing her first feature film, MILADIES, funded by Funcultura / FSA and Ibermedia, in co-production with Mexico.

More from Through Foreign Eyes Filmmaker

“Through Foreign Eyes”, parts of found-footage procedures – an appropriation of materials previously collected for another purpose – for the construction, or reconstruction, of a story. In a constant paradox between light and shadow; life and death; information and mystery; presence and absence; past and present.

The proposal is a cinematic experience in which the images captured by the characters of the initial project dialogue with the reading of old letters, WhatsApp audios, poems, old television programs, home videos, photos, projections of family slides and contemporary filming.

All materials used in this collage fulfill the role of generating identification. They are unidentified human beings, taken ethnographically as a species, who are enabled to elaborate an archetypal imaginary, in a game of thought representation. Cinema becomes an environment for the construction of memory, history, space and identity.

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