Twinkle Power to Change

Aftab Abbasi | Pakistan | 2018 | 8 mins



Twinkle Power to Change Synopsis

Twinkle Power to Change is a documentary about the first-ever woman weightlifter from Pakistan to have won a gold medal internationally. Twinkle belongs to the minority Christians of Pakistan and her story is a story of change from one of the most sidelined, marginalized communities.

Her success changed views about minorities and also opened up new opportunities for women in general by breaking the conservative traditions of the land.


About the Filmmaker

Aftab graduated from National College of Arts Lahore Pakistan (NCA) in 2009. He worked for various news channels and documentary production houses in a decade-long experience as a director / producer.

Aftab’s work philosophy is about honing technical skills and storytelling expertise by constant experimentation. He believes in a balanced understanding for technical knowhow and hands on skill coupled with knowledge about the play of style and treatment for fiction and non-fiction. The range of subjects that Aftab has tackled in his career range from stories about super achievers who overcame their less-than-perfect circumstances to achieve prominence, nature and environment, women’s empowerment, governance, law and legislature, history and religion, science, education, sports and various other themes.

His experience experimenting with the form and style of telling stories has taught him to mold narratives for maximum impact for any story. This has led to his documentaries winning awards in several international festivals for themes ranging from women’s empowerment, sports, environment, and differently-abled high achievers.

  • His documentary Manchar The Last of the Lake People won the Best ecological disaster short at the International Green Film Festival in Krakow, Poland and the Silver Award at the prestigious Handle Climate Change Film Festival, China.
  • Likewise, his documentaries Twinkle Power to Change and Niaz A Zest for Life won awards internationally.
  • Twinkle Power to Change won the Best Documentary Short, Audience Award, Night of the Short film Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Niaz A Zest for Life won the LAMPA award at the United Nations, Geneva. It was also a Jury Winner, 2019 Music Shorts Film Festival Audience Award.
  • Along with these awards, his documentaries were featured in dozens of international festivals.


More from the Filmmaker

“This is one of the most inspiring stories that I have had the opportunity to work on. The story of Twinkle is a feel-good story of success coming from a very humble background. It is a story that puts a smile on my face knowing that I had the privilege to view up close the quiet but sure coming of the change. In that small beat up room with the plaster falling off, in the grey drab atmosphere of neglect and impoverishment these girls with their blood and sweat toiled their way to gold medals in a makeshift gym that no one knows exits.”


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