Undefined Beauty

Charlene Tolentino, Kenia Mayen, Nataly Xante, Sadie Cowing | United States | 2020 | 6:25 min



Undefined Beauty Synopsis

Society’s unrealistic beauty standards and the journey toward self-love.

The media and companies are known to perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards. As we recognize more misconceptions about unrealistic beauty standards, we explore the stories of four girls and how this standard of beauty negatively impacts their self-image. As these girls attempt to accept their insecurities, they embark upon a journey of learning to love themselves in a healthy manner. Simultaneously, they begin to realize how many people share their struggle with self-esteem and attempt to diversify what is known as beauty.

About the Filmmaker

BY: Charlene Tolentino, Kenia Mayen, Nataly Xante, Sadie Cowing


Film Screening Guide


  • What is perceived as beautiful?
  • How is “beauty” marketed?
  • How do beauty norms impact young girls’ self esteem?
  • How do beauty norms impact your own self esteem?
  • Where do these beauty standards originate?
  • Are there moments where you held negative perceptions about your self image?



  • How can we pressure companies to change their marketing?
  • What is your self care routine?
  • In what ways do we contribute to unrealistic beauty standards?
  • In what ways do we contribute to shifting unrealistic beauty standards?
  • How can you try to love yourself?



1. SHARE THIS CAMPAIGN, copy/paste:

    • Reevaluate lifestyle choices
    • Realize how inclusive and misrepresented girls are in the media
    • Acknowledge conflicted feelings with self image
    • See more diversity in beauty standards
    • Attempt to separate self image from outdated beauty norms
    • Text a friend and remind them of their self worth




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