Ashley Moloney | Ireland | 2014 | 2 mins

View Synopsis

View uses nostalgic imagery to discuss current attitudes towards women. The mixture of color and pattern distort the figure which is parallel to society’s view of women.

View was an official selection of the 2017 WVN Online Film Festival.

About the Filmmaker

Born in Macroom, County Cork, Ashley Moloney is currently studying BA Hons in Fine Art at Crawford College of Art and Design. Her work deals with a history of women being oppressed in media and largely in society, and aims in aiding the female in reclaiming back femininity and sexuality. The work has, at times, a nostalgic or surrealist fascination with retro cultural aesthetics, consumer culture, and advertising.

Her work is predominantly portrayed through film and scans. These mediums echo ideas of on screen advertising as well as mainstream internet culture. The aesthetic of the work is influenced by glitch, VHS, renderings, and elements of advertising. These aesthetics help in exhibiting the distorted and manipulated view society has of women.

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